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While we take great pride in providing the world's most leading green power brands at discounted prices , something important to us is supporting customers and community who support our business.Either you are a client or just considering to switch to solar energy solutions our team is here to answer your questions. Purchasing a solar system can be a confusing process and we will provide you with exactly what you require nothing more or less at the best prices around.


Due to the fact that solar installation involves working with panels and equipment that produces several hundred volts of electricity in the sunlight there are some very serious safety issues that must be understood before you consider installing solar systems and components onto your home. Often the work involved in solar installation needs to be done by a professional, it is for the reason that there is a lot of improvisation involved when installing a solar power system.Installing a solar gyser can save you up to 60% on your monthly electrical bill these savings really starts to add up over the long term, with load shedding and extended blackouts you are no longer reliant on ZESA to heat your water or run your home or office equipment.Electricity in Zimbabwe is in a very sorry state.


If you want to keep your solar system operating at full effectiveness and peak efficiency some maintenance is required like with most house hold equipment and appliances, solar power maintenance in form of cleaning and maintaining a solar system is an unavoidable certainty.Good news is once set up it doesn't require that much work to keep them maintained, solar geysers and solar power systems that get proper maintenance can last up to 25years and more. As part of regular solar system maintenance have your solar system checked occasionally for loose connections , mounting brackets and connections if too much junk gets caught in hear it could deteriorate the surface causing leaks in your roof, this is very important but often neglected part of solar maintenance and cleaning of solar systems.Keeping your battery terminals clean and checking them regularly for corrosion.Fully charge batteries once every month. Besides their obvious function solar systems don't so much do except just sit there, therefore the solar maintenance required is minimal.With just a little regular maintenance and periodic inspection , you can keep your solar system producing at peak levels while increasing your entire system lifespan.

Site Visiting

One of the standard stages when considering solar for your home is the the solar site visit. This involves us coming out to your home inspecting your roof for potential installation of the solar system.It is a critical step in the solar installation process and one that a potential customer should be prepared for. On a site visit we will conduct the following assessment- A brief interview with you the home owner to understand your electricity needs.- A physical inspection of the solar site to see if it is suitable for solar installation.With the interview we will primarily look at what your electricity use is.Based on the appliances you use we will determine what your options are in terms of potential sized solar systems. How much of your electrical bills you want to offset. This information vis important for us as it will form a basis for normal bid to you depending on the size of your bill.We will recommend or when even require that your home undergo certain energy efficiency improvements.The other component of a site visit is the inspection of your homes roof for mounting , specifically we will be checking the roofs orientation refers to the direction the roof faces.The other variable we will be looking at is solar access it is essentially the percentage time that a proposed solar system will be receiving the sunshine.In the end we will take all of this information and summarize our findings a written report that will help us calculate the economics related to your proposed solar system. This will be the basis for our bid to you for your solar system installation.